Awww…you’re a Sleepy Sloth

Look, everyone agrees that the sloth is totally adorable, but no one wants to feel like one all day.

Because you’re not getting deep, replenishing sleep at night, you’re slow-moving in the morning and quick to hit the snooze button.

You chug the caffeine, because life is a lot easier when you can move with a tiny bit of pep in your exhausted step.

You are slow moving and your brain just can’t do the work, the errands, the kids, the adulting you need to do today.

By the afternoon (and on really bad days by 9am), you can’t wait to snuggle into bed and relax/pass out from exhaustion.

We emphasize. 💓

And it’s one of the main reasons we created a special nighttime gummy to help you change your relationship with sleep.

This 100% natural gummy is helping people who have suffered from sleep issues for a long time are starting to have the best night’s sleep of their lives. On repeat.


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